Jennifer Aniston loves Natural Aroma in lolavie perfume

Got news circulating that Jennifer Aniston will soon be launched this perfume in the near term and in fact the news is not just a figment because it ensures that the beautiful actress she is will release the perfume product he named Lolavie. It is unclear when this product is outstanding but Jennifer sure that smell will make people attracted and more than that, he explained that smells really natural.

"I want people were surprised and said, 'what's that aroma? Smell at all!" but more than that I want the natural flavor, "explained Jennifer Aniston is quoted from Splash News. Of course, 'formula' it does not come immediately because there is a process until Jennifer found the right formula like this.

"Perfume is the first thing I wear Miss Dior and Anais Anais. Mother I use my grandmother Caleche while using the existing body splash in the large yellow bottle in the bathroom. All of it had the smell of a very 'hard'. Now I am not including people who like the smell of perfume, "explains Jennifer.

It is said, not just once Jennifer Aniston offered to engage new business perfume but this time he agreed. "When Leon Falic (President of the Falic Fashion Group), contacted me to participate starting from the beginning to the end, I feel this is my form of creative expression," explained Jennifer again.

jennif eraniston

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